Why new studies on GMOS showing no harm are incomplete and false ?

Six months- or nine months-long  studies are not enough to show long term effects on health of GMOs or of any pesticide they contain, like Roundup for the GM tolerant soybean. It is useless to discuss such short studies; it has been previously demonstrated that the toxicity is visible after one and two years of consumption. However, pseudo-scientists linked to industry still publish short-term and not well conducted studies.
Moreover on February 12, 2019, the team of Pablo Steinberg in Germany publishes a study that would make us believe that GMOs do not pose health risks. But the organization of the experiment shows major deficiencies, very serious contaminations of control rats’ food that distort the overall results, and historical hidden conflicts of interest with Monsanto. Is it an organized fraud ?
Two years-long studies with very modern omics technics confirm (published from 2014 to 2017) major effects in top scientific journals: pesticides in GMOs and gene alterations are the mechanistic explanations of important toxicities :





For Bt plants:


Posted on 30 août 2019 in News

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