A magnificent victory against deaf wars

We have been calling for a health and environmental assessment of pesticides for a long time! Already, the Blaise Judgment of October 1, 2019, of the European Union Court of Justice, defended thanks to Me Guillaume Tumerelle, and obtained thanks to the Involuntary Pisseurs de Glyphosate (like all of us), indicated that pesticides must be tested in all their composition (formulation) according to regulations. HOWEVER, NO STATE HAS REQUIRED THIS FROM ANY INDUSTRY, THAT IS TO SAY AN EVALUATION OF REAL, COMMERCIALIZED PESTICIDE, SINCE THE SECOND WORLD WAR! This has multiplied deaths among humans and throughout the environment. It’s just a purified artificial chemical substance that is mostly evaluated. I call it a chemical puppet, and this is the « active principle declared » by industry, as they would like to make associations, politicians and journalists swallow, for example by mainly dealing with glyphosate or neonicotinoids. As all our scientific publications have shown, actual pesticides on the market are thousands of times more toxic. The Toxic Secrets coalition (www.secretstoxiques.fr) made the agencies (EFSA, ANSES) admit that they were never evaluating pesticide formulations, they rather examine the theory of “the best tests in the world”. It is true that manufacturers also carry out some short-term tests (15 days, one month) of all the pesticides marketed, but this is on dermal or ocular absorption. You must therefore wear gloves and a mask. Criminally insufficient. A massive environmental murder is thus organized. This has probably killed more people throughout history than the world wars, or unfortunately more than the current stupid wars still fed with deaths by States, using weapons and bombs paid by our income taxes.
This April 25, 2024, the European Court of Justice once again underlines in a judgment defended in the Netherlands by PAN Europe that the entire formulation of pesticides must be tested in the long term. A magnificent victory in Court!! Let’s hope that some countries will comply… I no longer hope much from some after 30 years of work on this subject and nine years of access to numerous ministers and politicians!!

Posted on 4 mai 2024 in News

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