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Compte-rendu du procès

English followsCOMPTE-RENDU DE PROCÈSLe 1/9/2023 le Professeur Gilles-Eric SERALINI attaquait en diffamation trois « journalistes » pour l’avoir traité de fraudeur à de nombreuses reprises, ou pour l’avoir accusé d’avoir commis la « pire tromperie scientifique de ces dix dernières années », à la télévision et dans les réseaux sociaux. C’était au sujet d’un reportage d’Envoyé Spécial qui expliquait…

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People’s Food Summit

More than 160 K views for my lecture in English on pollutants in food, the way they really function, just shown in Roma and Stockholm in Oct. 2023!From 7:50 min to 1:20hr

Declaration of Leemon Mc Henry

Leemon McHenry works for the lawyers firm who won against Monsanto-Bayer on the Roundup affair for many patients. Le français suit. DECLARATION OF LEEMON B. MCHENRY I, LEEMON B. MCHENRY, declare: I declare under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct. Executed on September…

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Our work is cited differently and serve as reference

Pesticides do contain oil since centuries… our research on GMOs is true but defamed by lobbies to serve their interests…

Peace with the biosphere please !

The action of lobbies deconstructed life on earth, not just everyone. This also exists in french (my Facebook Page) and in spanish here :

We eat petroleum residues in junk food every day

The last interview in french of Professor Seralini, August 2023. Read and download the interview here.

The truth about Glyphosate

The journalist Chris Jeffries’ interview of Prof. Gilles-Eric Seralini during August 2023 on his recent research and horrible attacks by lobbies that necessitated a Court action that will be on September 1st.

Lobbies don’t leave me

The lobbies supported by Monsanto-Bayer go through journalists and the press to defend their agriculture for death. They attacked me, I can’t take it anymore… The trials take place on September 1, 2023 in Paris. Can you support or help? Even financially (this site), but this time not for research, to pay the lawyers! Details…

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Important international meeting

Video in English TO SUPPORT A GMO AND PESTICIDES-FREE MEXICOThe scientific evidence is presented there in English, Prof. Seralini participation is from 1:32:40 to 2:01:45 but you can enjoy all of it !

Our body is an ecosystem

THE ROLE OF YEASTS IN OUR MICROBIOTA : A NEW POWER FOR DETOXIFICATION DOI: HYPERLINK The intestinal microbiota is an ecosystem where bacteria, archaea, viruses, and protists, are entangled, but not alone. We take microbiota as the bacterial community because, in many historical papers, the probes to detect other organisms in the intestine were rarely…

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