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Oil discovered in pesticides: a toxicological revolution

Toxicological studies on pesticides largely focus on the declared active ingredient, which constitutes only a few percent to 50% of the total formulation. The complete formulations as used everywhere are not revealed by manufacturers. For each declared active ingredient, there are dozens or even hundreds of formulations. We demonstrate that petroleum has always been and…

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Glyphosate, Roundup and the Failures of Regulatory Assessment

Citation: Novotny, E. Glyphosate, Roundup and the Failures of Regulatory Assessment.Toxics 2022, 10, 321. Link:  Academic Editor: Gilles-Eric Seralini Just published in Toxics (Impact Factor 4.4) by Eva Novotny, University of Cambridge, UK; contact: weed-killer Roundup containing glyphosate (and other compounds) is widely claimed at a regulatory level to be safe for people,…

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Transparency on food pollution in non-organic and organic equivalent products

Multinational companies that manufacture pesticides have a habit of lying and hiding data proving that they know the dangers of their products. This was clearly shown by the Monsanto Papers (1). They do not carry out long-term tests on pesticides which are commercial mixtures with very toxic undeclared products, and which many are considered as…

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Los papeles de Monsanto

9 May 2022 – Our last book published in Spain and Latin America, it demonstrates the dishonesty of Monsanto, Bayer, governments and  regulatory agencies about the hidden poisons they authorize besides glyphosate and other declared active ingredients in pesticides ! It is the translation of our book in french and english with Jérôme Douzelet on the Monsanto…

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Our last interview with Robert Kennedy Jr

Our last interview with Robert Kennedy Jr, one of the most famous lawyers in the States, who has helped to win against Monsanto-Bayer, about our last book:–Gilles-Eric-Seralini-e1ggbn8

Pollutants in non-organic and organic products :

NEW DISCOVERIES Thirty-five organic and non-organic equivalent food samples were assayed for their pollutants, including 800 pesticides. Sausages and cheeses have been tested as they come from animals which may have the ability to bioaccumulate. Since pesticide formulants have been shown to contain petroleum residues, such as polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (PAHs) and metals, a total…

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Blurbs on the new book by G.E. Seralini and Jerôme Douzelet

HOW BIG PHARMA COMPROMISED HEALTH – BY THE LAWYERS WHO WON AGAINST MONSANTO-BAYER“Monsanto knew for decades that glyphosate-based herbicides cause cancer and a lethal coterie of other devastating illnesses. Rather than warning consumers and customers, Monsanto massaged the science, defrauded regulators, bribed prominent researchers, captured and corrupted the EPA pesticide division, and systematically lied to…

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Fasting as a detox system measured in hair and urine

French follows FASTING AS A DETOX SYSTEM MEASURED IN HAIR AND URINE We have demonstrated that pesticides illegally contain petroleum residues and heavy metals. Here we measure the capacity of our bodies to detox themselves through hair and urine in new research published with a German group. Dietary exposure to environmental pollutants in humans is…

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Glyphosate through human placenta

En français ci-dessous On September 13, 2021, the latest version of an important discovery was posted online in the leading scientific journal Toxics: Research Papers / Pesticides on this website This is the result of a collaboration between researchers from INSERM U1139 (3PHM) in the University of Paris, Faculty of Pharmacy, and the Risk Pole…

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The ends : A new concept

Le texte en français suit. THE ENDs: « Endocrine and Nervous Disruptors » is a new concept that explains how pollutants work in our bodies and the biosphere. A vast review of 439 scientific references cited among the thousands consulted studies, for the first time and in an original way, evidences the mechanisms of action of 176…

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